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I am an artsy kinda gal.   It is unusual for me to sit still and not be doing something with my hands.  It may be crocheting, cross stitching, sewing or just fidigiting; but they are busy doing something!

I have started on a new adventure and hope that you will like it.  I call it mixed medium.  I do my work on large pieces of wood so that I can use the grain of the wood as part of the over all look and feel of the item.  In some instances I use a colored stain and in others it is colorless.  These works are three dimensional - meaning that I am not just painting something on the wood, I am building up layer upon layer to make things less flat.  When you see these pieces in person you can actually reach out and touch them and feel the difference between lets say, the bear and the log. 

So. . check them out and watch for more.  If you want dimensions let me know.  I am working to master this and then I am thinking of creating a headboard and foot board for my bed done in this mixed medium.  Considering my home is like a cabin, I think something like deer near a stream with some trees and some birds would be great for the headboard and perhaps some wild flowers on the foot board! 

Let me know if you have any ideas - - or wants!